Engage and Network: Join our DJE Event this June in Groningen [Newsletter May 2024]


With this first newsletter, we would like to inform you about a European project that has been going on for one year now! So in this newsletter we will explain to you about the aims of the project and who contributes to it.

Also, do not miss out on our event on 21 and 22 June in Groningen, the Netherlands!

Article 1: The Aims of the Deaf Journalism Europe Project

The Deaf Journalism Europe (DJE) project aims to support deaf people in journalism. Our main goal is to create a media landscape where deaf journalists can work and share their stories. We offer training to improve their skills and help them learn new ones. We also work to make sure that news is accessible in sign languages. By building a strong network, we hope to encourage more diversity and inclusivity in the media. Our mission is to make sure deaf voices are heard and respected in journalism.

We have been focused on setting up our own news platforms in six countries since June 2023. We are happy to say the news platforms are running very smoothly now, with an average of 15 news items per week, in sign language and written language.

Article 2: The Project Partners in Deaf Journalism Europe

The Deaf Journalism Europe (DJE) project is supported by partners from six countries:

These partners help us promote diversity and accessibility in journalism, working together to support deaf journalists and ensure their stories are well represented.

In this newsletter more about: Turkoois.

Turkoois is a social enterprise, established in 2022 in Groningen, the Netherlands. The first branch of Turkoois is the Deaf owned café in the city center! At Luhu (www.luhu-koffie.nl) you can have the most tasty coffee and lunches of Groningen. Turkoois also does various projects in various themes, with one main topic: sign language. So there are projects at national and European levels. Turkoois is involved in various projects funded by Erasmus+ or the Dutch government. At the organisation, 20 different people are working in various roles as employees, interns, and volunteers. 

Article 3: Our Event on 22 June in Groningen

We are happy to announce the Deaf Journalism Europe (DJE) event on 22 June in Groningen. This event will bring together experts, partners, and participants to celebrate our achievements and plan future projects.

The event will include speeches by famous journalists, discussions on new media technologies, and workshops to improve journalism skills. Attendees can also network and share ideas. This event is a great chance to learn more about deaf journalism and support its growth. For more details and to register, visit our website at www.deafjournalism.eu.

Photo: CreativeNature_nl / Envato Elements