Editorial Responsibility

At DJE, our foremost vision is to pioneer journalism that is inclusive of and tailored for the deaf community. This means our approach is led by deaf individuals, ensuring a deaf-centric perspective throughout our work. Our commitment to accessibility is paramount, ensuring that our content is readily available and comprehensible to all.

Our editorial line is dedicated to shedding light on societal issues and specific challenges faced by the deaf community through a journalistic lens. We are committed to highlighting the unique perspectives and experiences of the deaf community, addressing the issues that affect their daily lives, and advocating for their rights and inclusion. Our goal is to provide comprehensive coverage that not only informs but also empowers our audience, fostering greater understanding and empathy across all communities.

Within DJE, each participating media outlet is represented by a dedicated coordinating person who serves as the editorial manager. Their role is to oversee the editorial content of their respective outlets, ensuring it meets journalistic standards and accessibility requirements.

Our editorial managers are dedicated to producing relevant, accurate, and accessible content, ensuring that DJE remains a trusted source for the deaf community and beyond. As members of the DJE consortium, we collaborate closely with our editorial managers to deliver comprehensive and high-quality journalistic coverage, prioritizing accessibility for all.

To learn more about our editorial managers and media partners, please visit our partners’ page.