Deaf Journalism Europe: Empowering Deaf journalism in Europe

We want to promote and expand Deaf journalism through sign languages! Our consortium is made up of seven engaged organisations from seven different countries, and we are working together to improve the skills of Deaf journalistic people and develop more accessible news formats.

Audism – an Invisible Discrimination

A joint production by Deaf Journalism Europe by Martina Cosentino (il Labiolettore), Jozef Vahovský (DeafStudio), and Kenny Åkesson (Teckenbro). Society consists of various obstacles and challenges for us humans. For…
About our project

Collaborative network: Building the future of Deaf journalism

The project aims to revolutionize journalism for the Deaf community in Europe by creating a collaborative network of Deaf-led media organisations. With a focus on innovation, collaboration, diversity, impartiality, and quality, the project seeks to address the significant gap in Deaf journalism and media accessibility.

Key components include producing news content in national sign languages, tailored to the specific needs of Deaf individuals, and developing journalistic standards for Deaf audiences. The project also intends to train a new generation of Deaf journalists, expanding the pool of professionals who can contribute to Deaf-focused journalism.

Promoting Deaf journalism
Creating accessible news formats
Dissemination of good practices and solutions
Development of a sustainable business model

Also, the project will explore business models for Deaf-led media organisations, enhancing their financial sustainability. It will also engage in extensive dissemination efforts to reach Deaf audiences and stakeholders across Europe.

Ultimately, the project’s success will be measured by its impact on Deaf individuals, the growth of Deaf-led media organisations, and its ability to foster collaboration and innovation in Deaf journalism at both the national and European levels.


Diversity and quality: core objectives for Europe’s Deaf media awakening

The project’s primary aims are to revolutionise and elevate journalism for the Deaf community in Europe, addressing the significant gap in media accessibility and representation.

Innovation: The project seeks to reshape how Deaf individuals perceive journalism by providing them with daily news content in sign language, fostering critical thinking, and enhancing their access to information. Through investigative journalism and a continuous flow of news, it aims to challenge traditional narratives and create a paradigm shift in Deaf journalism.

Collaboration: By establishing a collaborative European partnership of Deaf-led media organisations, the project aims to pool resources, expertise, and networks. It fosters cooperation in content production, standards development, and the sharing of best practices. Collaboration also extends to engaging with established news organisations and National Associations of the Deaf (NADs) to promote accessibility and inclusion.

Diversity: The project recognises the need for diversity within its own teams and content. It actively seeks to involve Deaf journalists from various backgrounds, including LGBTQIA+, BIPOC, DeafBlind, and women. This commitment to diversity extends to the project’s influence on the broader media landscape, making Deaf professionals visible and promoting inclusivity.

Impartiality and Editorial Independence: Ensuring the independence of journalism is crucial. The project partners commit to maintaining editorial freedom and protection for journalists who may cover sensitive topics, thereby upholding the Munich Journalists Charter.

Quality: The project places a high emphasis on the quality of its outputs, including news articles, standards, and training materials. Regular quality control and evaluation processes ensure that the project meets its aims effectively.


Focus on Sign languages: A new era for Deaf journalism

The mission of this project is to revolutionise Deaf journalism in Europe. By providing daily news in sign language, fostering collaboration among Deaf-led media organisations, promoting diversity and impartiality, and ensuring high-quality journalism, the project aims to empower the Deaf community. Its mission is to make news accessible, informative, and inclusive, while challenging conventional narratives and advocating for the recognition of Deaf journalism as a vital and respected part of the media landscape. Ultimately, the project seeks to create a paradigm shift, enhancing the critical thinking of Deaf individuals and enabling them to engage fully in the world of journalism and media.


Our inclusive philosophy for Deaf journalism

The philosophy of this project is grounded in inclusivity, empowerment, and innovation. It embraces the principle that Deaf individuals should have equal access to news and information, shaping narratives that reflect their experiences and concerns. The project values collaboration, diversity, and impartiality, aiming to create a media landscape where Deaf voices are not just heard but celebrated. It advocates for the transformative power of journalism in Deaf communities, challenging existing norms and fostering critical thinking.

News formats

Accessible news formats in seven Sign languages

Our project partners produce news in accessible formats in seven different Sign languages and develop the journalistic standards required to meet the needs of the Deaf communities.

DNieuws is a news platform in Dutch Sign Language and is run by our project partner Turkoois from Groningen, the Netherlands. You can find DNieuws on their website, Instagram and Facebook.

The “Notizie15” section of “Il Labiolettore” publishes a collection of news in 15 minutes on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays on YouTube. The “Il Labiolettore” platform is run by our Italian project partner Fenice Turchese. You can also find them on their website, Instagram and Facebook.

Média’Pi! is a non-profit and independent online Deaf medium from Paris, France, with national and international news in French Sign Language (LSF) and French. You can also find them on Instagram and Facebook.

Správy SPJ is a news platform in Slovak Sign Language from DeafStudio in Prešov, Slovakia. You can find the platform on their website, Instagram and Facebook.

Teckenrapport is a news site in Swedish Sign Language and is run by Teckenbro from Örebro, Sweden. You can find news and reports on their website, Instagram, Facebook and YouTube.

Taubenschlag, run by manua from Berlin, is a news source in German Sign Language and German, available on the website and Instagram. manua specialises in producing Sign Language videos to keep the Deaf community up to date and accessible.

VGT Nieuws is a news platform in Flemish Sign Language and is run by Visual Box from Ghent, Belgium. You can find the platform on their website, Instagram, Facebook und YouTube.


Our dedicated project partners

Our project partners are an essential part of this project. Together with seven excellent organisations from seven different countries, we are working to achieve the goal of our project – to improve and expand Deaf journalism in Europe.