Deaf Journalism Europe

The website will go online in the summer.

A consortium of seven deaf-led media organisations, consisting of Turkoois (Netherlands), Visual Box (Belgium-Flanders), Media'Pi! (France), DeafStudio (Slovakia), manua (Germany), Fenice Turchese (Italy), and Teckenbro (Sweden) is excited to announce the successful acquisition of a grant from the European Union for Deaf Journalism Europe (DJE). This groundbreaking project aims to establish Deaf journalism in Europe, maintain a continuous flow of information in national sign languages, and work on investigative journalism about the Deaf community as a whole. In addition, the project will develop educational materials for new Deaf journalists and provide recommendations for governments to maintain Deaf media organisations.

For more information about Deaf Journalism Europe, please contact:

Dennis Hoogeveen
Project Coordinator, Deaf Journalism Europe

Instagram: @deafjournalism
Facebook: Deaf Journalism Europe